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Investing in the economic and social prosperity of the African village woman

We give a hand-up for women and youth to uplift their community and break the cycle of poverty.

Our Mission:

We provide a hand-up: Through our programs, we at the Ripples Foundation equip women and youth with the tools, training, and resources needed for them to take control of their own future, better support their families and strengthen their communities.

We co-create programs with each community, collaborating directly with local governing bodies, its women and youth to build holistic, sustainable solutions tailored to each community’s unique needs

Our programs aim to build the capacities of women to help them start their own businesses and invest in their communities. Through our new Ripples Farm program, we train women and youth in modern, eco-friendly agriculture techniques to help them transform their economies to become more inclusive, equitable and sustainable.

Our Approach:

Every community has their unique culture, traditions and beliefs. Designed to uplift the entire community, our approach honors those things but never at the expense of personal dignity and humanity of an individual community member.

We co-develop our programs directly with each community to stop the pain where it hurts, building on existing practices, knowledge and strengths to create familiar yet vastly improved and more profitable programs.

We work with the community to define their specific needs and inform program design, building in layers of individual accountability to promote long-term program success and maximize community impact.

We respect local community customs, rituals and expectations but require participating communities to follow our stringent processes to ensure that our programs provide optimal and lasting effects.

We will only deploy programs through a community’s women and youth to build up their individual independence and personal accountability while promoting engagement at every level in the community.

What We Value:

Working With Women

Working with Women

Empower a woman, empower a nation. Give a hand-up to a mother to create a home for her child. Raise the hand of an adolescent girl to inspire her to lead. Women are the center of development and culture in remote African communities. By giving women a voice, Ripples gives them the power to fight for what matters to them: the education, health, and security of their children and families. By giving women their own livelihoods, we give them a future of their own making.

Working With Youth

Working with Youth

A home for Africa’s future.  We make ripples of change in the community, to build a home for Africa’s future. By giving women the tools start sustainable, eco-friendly businesses, we are helping them bring money into their communities. By training the youth to administer these businesses, we give them opportunities to work within their own communities rather than look to the cities. Investing in mothers, giving her medical supplies and a livelihood: these are the pillars to a secure home for her children to thrive, for her girls and boys to become educated and aspire to greater things.


Developing Communities

A friend for lasting change. Through our continuous presence, we establish strong relationships with village women and leaders, regularly conducting audits and town halls to monitor community health and discuss village needs. Through our holistic programs, we work within a community’s culture to give women a chance to become earners, so they can make ripples of change by investing in schools, medical centers and other essential services.

About Us Logo

Ripples was founded in 2015 as BME Concercern, and registered by the Charity Commission UK.

Ripples Foundation started its work in Africa in 2011, delivering women empowerment programmes by Ripples Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon and recently Ripples Madagascar our most recent location.

Ripples Foundation USA was first established in 2015, our operations headquarters now operates from our USA office.

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