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How To Find A Cause To Support To Make An Impact

How to Find a Cause to Support to Make an Impact

To find a cause to support should be your first and most important step to make an impact in your community. To help you make Ripples of change, we want to give you a hand-up and teach you to give with purpose and make an impact sustainably and effectively. Give a hand-up and not a hand-out so your charitable giving will let men, women, and children not just survive, but THRIVE. 

Follow these three principles to find a cause to support that will make your charitable giving purposeful, fulfilling and effective.

1.  Find a Cause to Support After Finding a Community to Help

Find a cause to support by first choosing a community you are passionate about helping. Because of our people-first approach, Ripples’s track record for giving assistance to communities in Africa is second to none. We change lives directly through projects that are specifically tailored to each village’s needs.  This is because we are committed to making sustainable changes in the life of each African woman. To do this, we get input from our target population to co-create sustainable programs.

There are many ways to choose a population. It could be a community you are particularly close to or are a member of.  It could also be a community that is in especially dire need of assistance. Some communities are harder to reach than others.  Keep this in mind when you look for a charity to help your chosen community.  At Ripples, we have assisted African women in their communities for many years. The trust we have with them lets us work with village leaders and local governments to get access to hard-to-reach groups in need.  To help these remote communities, make sure your charity has the right resources to deliver help efficiently, effectively and safely.


Ripples finds a cause to support unique to each village by holding town halls with village leaders like this one in Ogidi, Nigeria.
We use town halls to co-create programs unique to each village. For example, this is an event with village leaders held in Ogidi, Nigeria.


2. Find a Cause to Support that Your Community Wants

To find a cause to support, get to know the specific needs of your community’s culture.  By keeping these needs in mind, you will make an impact that is lasting, efficient and respects their traditions.  Your charity can’t carry out its services safely if the community it is serving does not want or benefit from your cause.  

Ripples is a mission-driven charity that evolved over time by listening to the voices of women in their communities.  We have projects that support women in villages with social mores that would normally exclude them from work. Community input is vital for building public support for these projects.  Our local staff hosts town halls for villages to allow our beneficiaries to discuss causes and projects on their own. They choose the causes that will support their own children and their communities into the future. Because of the level of trust we have, our staff and volunteers are always protected, and our programs always run with the full support of local communities.

3. Make an Impact: Give a hand-up, not a hand-out

Your cause must always solve the core issue of the community to achieve its goals.  At the Ripples Foundation, our goal is to break the cycle of generational poverty for African communities. Many charities exist with the same mission, but our approach is different. We know that direct donations of food, medicine and clothing do not target the core issue in giving communities the means to invest in their own communities.

We focus on programs that support women by giving them a hand up to help them help themselves through community development, so they can invest in their children’s futures and push for social change that will lift their villages out of poverty. Through our knowledge networks and our international presence in West Africa, we have a comprehensive picture of the resources already available in African communities.  For example, the support we get from our donors and volunteers lets us fund programs in Ghana to support women in marketing their hand-crafted Shea butter and artisanal clothing.

Sponsor a Child
Through Ripples’ Sponsor a Child program, village children get a hand-up through education to lift communities, one child at a time.

Support our Cause: Change a Woman or Child to Change a Nation

Are you considering giving a hand-up to support women and children in Africa?  

The Ripples Foundation gives a hand-up for women and youth to help them make Ripples of lasting change for themselves, their families and their communities. Support your cause through the Ripples’ Sponsor a Child or Sponsor a Woman program.

Sponsor a child or woman in Africa and make an impact on their life directly. Through our Sponsor a Woman and Sponsor a Child programs, you will fund our Education, Medical Outreach or Ripples Farms program for one woman or child at a time.



If you find a cause to support using these three principles you will make an impact in unexpected ways. Through getting to know the people you help, you will connect to your cause more deeply than you could have imagined.  Open your heart and mind to new ways you can make Ripples of change by choosing an organization that listens.  Being open to the stories of people in need is the best way to find a cause to support that will make effect change on yourself and the world.


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