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We understand you may not be able to donate your experience and/or time to our programs. Making a generous financial donation to our Adopt a Village, Adopt a Woman or Adopt a Child programs will go a long way to help us improve the lives of African families and communities.

Adopt a Village

Donors are given an opportunity to sponsor an entire African village. The Adopt a Village program encompasses all of our existing initiatives and projects and delivers them to the adopted village. Your gift helps provide education and health care services to women and children, teach valuable business and farming skills resulting into improving the overall economic well being to the villagers and their communities.

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Sponsor a Woman

Adopt a WomanOur Sponsor a Woman program is at the heart of everything we do. Using our Women’s Enterprise model, donations offer valuable skills to women such as bookkeeping and budgeting as well as training and experience in businesses such as fisheries, livestock farming, and crop farming.

Women are given the opportunity to present their business ideas and develop viable business plans. We then provide them with the necessary resources to help them start and operate their businesses to generate a regular income. It is their hard work and determination to succeed that makes the businesses successful.

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Sponsor a Child

For the sake of future generations, the children of Africa need a solid start in life. Education, health care and nutrition are paramount to ensuring an everlasting and successful life. Your financial support will help to ensure children receive much needed medical and well-being services, classroom education and job training.

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