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Work With Us:

Uplift an Entire Village

Corporate and individual sponsorships are at the core of achieving our goals to develop remote communities and break the cycle of poverty. Through our Adopt a Village program, you can become a partner for the progress of the African village woman by committing to fund programs for her entire village, giving your hand to build holistic, sustainable and collaborative projects together with village women and leaders.

Help Women Care for Today:

Youth Take Care of Tomorrow

Developing women through our Ripples Farm program has immediate tangible benefits and lasting impact on the villages in which they live. Giving women the power to take control of their livelihoods gives them dignity, independence and personal accountability. Through their hard-earned dollars, women invest back into communities and families by contributing to the equal education of both girls and boys, providing employment for youth and investing in medical services, libraries and other facilities. Moreover, we are empowering women to transfer their skills to youth who will learn eco-friendly farming practices working on their sustainable farms. This is spurring lasting transformations in the structure of their village economies.

Adopt A Village
Adopt A Village
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Adopt A Village

Engage Communities:

For Growth at the Grassroots

The core of our program design happens within our collaboration process, which is when we co-develop our programs with our beneficiaries. We hold town hall meetings where village elders and women voice their needs to their community, and we encourage and support them and other community members to work together to solve and adapt to the economic and ecological crises they face, such as poverty and climate change. By empowering women to work together with their leaders through democratic institutions, we give them a voice and promote engagement within their communities from the grassroots. Further, we help them serve as a model for surrounding communities who seek to improve their lot in a similar way.

Partners in Progress:

Working Directly With Women and Youth

Our local staff conduct regular audit initiatives and community outreach to collect data on economic output, community engagement, unemployment, poverty alleviation, and other community indicators. Our continuous presence allows us to work directly with women and village leaders to co-develop our programs, working within existing traditions and culture to create adaptable and effective solutions that balance community sensibilities with our methodical processes. We keep sponsors updated on the progress of their adopted village through photo diaries and reports.

Join Us:

Make Ripples of Change, Together

Investing in women multiplies those investments, as women are more likely to invest in their families and their communities to make ripples of lasting change. Join us and become a partner for the progress of African village women and youth, to give them the tools, dignity and personal accountability to live on their own terms, uplift their communities and break the cycle of poverty for generations.

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