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Our Goal:

To Break The Cycle of Poverty

26% of African households with children under the age of fifteen are led by single mothers. A child in this family competes with four brothers and sisters for resources beyond what is necessary for survival. The burden a mother carries for Africa’s future is often too much for her to bear alone.

Our Solution:

Educate the child, Take Care of Tomorrow

Our Sponsor a Child program fills the gap between what a mother can achieve for her child today and what she dreams her child can achieve for the future. Individuals can pledge a set amount each year to fund programs that provide education and medical care for children and ensure they have an opportunity for a better tomorrow, making ripples of change through generations.

Become a member of our Sponsor a Child program to ensure that our Medical Outreach and Educate programs reach one child at a time. Granting medical care and education for a child ensure that she gets the care that she deserves to pursue a life of limitless potential.

Give Your Hand to a Child in Need:

Fund our Programs

For every household of five children, two do not attend school (32.3% of African children are out-of-school). Of these two children, each is more likely to be a girl: School-aged girls are 5% less likely to attend school than boys are. Out-of-school children account for 46% of children in Africa who are not literate, increasing to 65% as they approach adolescence. Education is vital to ensure future generations can compete in the global marketplace. More importantly, an education is a seed in a child’s life that allows her to one day find innovative solutions to pressing issues in her community.

Through your contribution to Sponsor a Child, we can bring education to one youth to give her the chance she deserves for a meaningful life of opportunity.

Sponsor A Child
Sponsor A Child
Sponsor A Child | Empowering African Women | Ripples Foundation
Sponsor A Child

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Almost 90% of the total number of children globally living with HIV are in Sub-Saharan Africa and fewer than one in ten have access to support services or treatment.  Furthermore, millions of children die every day to preventable diseases. For instance, Pneumonia is a bacterial disease that can be treated with antibiotics easily accessible in Western countries, but in sub-Saharan Africa, Pneumonia accounts for 16% of all deaths of children. One can imagine the burden of a mother who must choose which of her children can and cannot receive treatment.

Many children in Africa do not have access to treatment services and are raised by mothers who cannot afford medication for preventable diseases. Through your contribution to Sponsor a Child, our Medical Outreach program will provide yearly medical supplies and screenings for one youth to catch these diseases and treat them.

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