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Our Goal:

Give a Hand-Up to Empower Women

Today, African village women survive on less than $1 a day. Together we have the power to change that.

Our Solution:

Give a Hand-up, Help Women Take Care of Today

Our Sponsor a Woman program gives women a hand-up to better support themselves and their families and achieve personal dignity. Individuals can pledge a set amount each year to fund programs that lift women from poverty and give them a voice in their community. In Africa, empowering women goes hand in hand with giving them the tools and ability to work and become self-sufficient, so they can make ripples of change by investing in their communities and families.

Become a member of our Sponsor a Woman program to ensure that our Medical Outreach and Women’s Enterprise programs reach one woman. Supporting medical care and entrepreneurship workshops for a woman ensures her the opportunity to care for herself and Africa’s future, her children.

Give Your Hand to a Woman in Need:

Fund our Programs

In sub-Saharan Africa, outside of agriculture 84% of women are informally employed compared to 63% of men. In the informal economy of Africa work is opportunistic and contracts are not followed or written; pay is unreliable and often absent. Within agriculture, it is often no better. Moreover, between 30 and 70 percent of women in Africa will become single mothers before their 45th birthday due to divorce or the death of a spouse, typically left with 5 children to care for and nurture.

We solve this problem through our Enterprise program, where we help women find dignified work by overcoming barriers in education, financing, and customs. We train women to start sustainable businesses using local natural resources to create products that can be sold in the international market. For example, in Iworo, we helped women open fisheries, and in Ghana we trained women on Shea Butter production and grading to sell their products for profit. Ultimately they will be registered for FairTrade to sell internationally and earn more income.

Through your contribution to our Women’s Enterprise program, you can help a woman take control of her livelihood through dignified work. Our women in Madagascar need your support to produce and export their pots and spices and a construct hatchery for their Kuroiler chickens. This will change the lives of thousands of families.

Sponsor A Woman
Sponsor A Woman
Sponsor A Woman | Empowering African Women | Ripples Foundation
Sponsor A Woman

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The life expectancy of women in Africa is 58 years old. HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death for women, due to their economic vulnerability and lack of access to information and health services.  Cervical cancer caused by HPV infection is also common due to poor access to screening and treatment services, and 90% of deaths due to cervical cancer occur in women living in low- and middle- income countries, like those in Africa.

Through our Medical Outreach program, we provide screenings for common diseases like HPV and HIV, as well as treatments for women and their families. Providing medical services for women removes barriers to healthcare and gives resources for women to take full responsibility for their own health and the health of their children.

Through your contribution to our Medical Outreach program, you can help a woman take control of her health and the health of her family, so she can aspire for a livelihood for herself and her children.

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