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Ripples Farms

The goal of the Ripples Farms Program is to train women to establish and operate business farms. Ultimately, these farms will become profitable, sustainable and help to bring about positive economic change to their families and villages.

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Adopt a Village

Through our Adopt a Village, Adopt a Woman and Adopt a Child initiatives, we are providing the tools necessary to bring about sustainable businesses, deliver education programs, and bring overall economic stability to African villages.

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Medical Outreach

Adopt a ChildWe partner with local and volunteer health care practitioners to provide basic medical services and equipment allowing the community to remain productive and prosperous.

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Experiential Cultural Internships

Experiential Internship

Our experiential cultural internships program provide students with the opportunity to travel to African villages and immerse themselves, living and working in African host communities, and applying smart solutions to Africa’s real life problems.

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