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Our Goal:

Healthy Women and Children

During the initial stages of development of our Ripples Farm program, we held a town hall meeting to ask local village women what they needed to succeed as entrepreneurs and how we could help.  The answer surprised us: what we heard most were stories about mothers who must defer work to care for her sick children; women who, rather than go to work, must stay home to care for a child whose disease she financially could not afford to cure. For the women entrepreneurs in remote communities benefiting from our programs, an otherwise minor disease cured in days in the West could take weeks or months to heal without treatment.  In extreme cases, this could often mean the death of a loved one. One could imagine the worry and responsibility a village woman bears for the care for her own health, let alone that of her children and family.

Our Solution:

Ripples Medical Outreach Program

We at the Ripples Foundation asked ourselves how we could help these women, so they could have the peace of mind to develop their businesses and invest in their communities without the threat of financial ruin or loss due to disease. Through their feedback and through our understanding of the growing health crises facing the region, we decided to extend our Medical Outreach Program (formerly known as Medical MOT) to address the basic health needs of their villages.

Through our Medical Outreach Program, we operate annual one-day workshops that provide opportunities for free medical care, check-ups and treatments for a woman’s entire village. Our volunteers dispense free medicines to all villagers – a lifeline for those who would otherwise be unable to afford them. We also operate an AIDS initiative through cottage hospitals aiming to catch the disease and provide treatment in its early stages. And throughout the year, the Ripples Foundation helps stock local cottage hospitals with much needed medical equipment and supplies.

Medical Outreach
Medical Outreach
Medical Outreach
Medical Outreach

Our Impact:

Security and Power for Women Entrepreneurs

By addressing basic and critical community health issues, the Ripples Foundation is delivering village women a strong foundation for their livelihoods. By protecting themselves, their children and their families from health emergencies that could threaten their lives, we grant women entrepreneurs the mental security and power to focus on making ripples of change by pursuing the development of their businesses and the investment of their communities.

Thank You

For supporting our cause

With your on-site assistance or generous gift, we can host more community health evaluations, provide potentially life saving services, and provide personal and community viability. We are also seeking other health care organizations to partner with us in order to provide these valuable medical services.

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