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Our Goal:
To Break the Cycle of Generational Poverty

Faced with a rapidly growing population, recurring droughts and looming environmental crises, African women in remote villages told our local staff that it was increasingly difficult for them to fight hunger in their communities and feed their families. Further, youth in their villages who struggle to find employment must migrate to cities in search of work, leaving them, their families and their communities to fend for themselves. The challenge for Ripples was to find a solution that would help these women revitalize their local economies so they could provide working opportunities for their children, while promoting sustainable, eco-friendly methods that could stand the test of time.

Our Solution:
A Hand-up for Women and Youth through Agriculture

Ripples Farm is the program we co-created with African communities in collaboration with local governing bodies in response to this call. Ripples Farm is growing a new group of leaders in sustainable agriculture; women leaders who combine business acumen with sustainable, eco-friendly farming practices to revitalize local prosperity and overcome environmental challenges facing their villages. Our Ripples Farm program delivers training and inputs for African women to start their own sustainable farming businesses. By helping women run and control their own farms, we are empowering them to break the yoke of poverty to become masters of their own lives, providing them a dignified way to break the cycle of poverty and take control of their futures on their own terms.

Modern Farming:
A sustainable approach to Farming

Ripples Farm teaches women and youth sustainable and eco-friendly farming techniques, so they can lead the adaptation of their community’s agriculture and increase the resilience of their farms to environmental crises and climate change. The knowledge they gain from our program helps villages break their dependence on unsustainable farming practices, which are a leading cause of deforestation and land degradation that drive youth migration to cities and render ancestral lands uninhabitable. Through the program, women and youth will also learn to irrigate their farms, which will allow them to weather droughts and grow bountiful harvests four times a year instead of just once. Armed with their new skills, women and youth will promote environmental stewardship in their villages and run more productive farms, growing bountiful harvests four times a year instead of once.

Ripples Farm
Ripples Farm
Ripples Farm
Ripples Farm

Dignity for Women:
A future for the children

Ripples Farm encourages the women who participate in the program to invest the profits of their sustainable businesses into their community’s development to create ripples of change. By investing in schools, medical supplies and infrastructure, women entrepreneurs work to create a safe and nurturing environment for their children to thrive. Further, women entrepreneurs provide working opportunities for youth. This gives them purpose and direction, keeps them from danger and crime and teaches them skills that will transform their economies to become more sustainable over time.

It Takes a Village:
To raise an African child

We build upon existing farming practices, respecting culture and tradition, while providing opportunities for women to control their own livelihoods. The Ripples Foundation continues to hold town halls with village women and leaders to co-develop its Ripples Farm program and collaborates with outside governments and organizations to respond to changing requirements. Ripples works to engage every level of the community to build holistic solutions to revitalize community agriculture and restructure the local economy to maximize long-term sustainability, profitability and inclusion for women.

Thank you:
For supporting our cause

Programs like ours could never become a reality without the help of our global community of volunteers, interns and donors.

Students can click here to learn more about our Experiential Internship, where they can help design and implement our Ripples Farm program, obtaining credits in the process.

Professional and skilled volunteers and donors are vital to supporting our programs. We thank you for your generous support in getting our farm up and running!

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